The Firm has eleven Partners, Associates and trainee lawyers all of whom are highly proficient in English, and most of them have advance language skills in other languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.  In addition to their training in the Hellenic Republic, many of our lawyers have also obtained legal education and experience in the U.S.A., England, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and/or have practiced with law firms in said countries.  Through access to multilingual facilites the Firm is ideally equipped to serve all clients irrespectively of their linguistic orientation, spanning from Arabic to Japanese.

As the Firm has evolved over decades, its practice has become increasingly diverse.  Its clients fall into three principal groups: Greek institutional, corporate entities and individuals conducting business in the Hellenic Republic and abroad, international companies engaged in business across one or more national jurisdictions and international banks involved in shipping finance, private banking, corporate advisory services, recapitalizations and other forms of financing.

The Firm implements transactions and/or deals with cases involving clients world-wide.  A number of Greek clients have retained the Firm to monitor and expedite the legal aspects of their world-wide operations.  The Firm has established a wide international network and correspondent relationships with overseas law offices throughout the globe, thus enabling it to act swiftly and efficiently in dealing with client matters whenever and wherever required.