Our Firm's clients fall into three principal groups: Greek institutional, corporate entities and individuals conducting business across one or more national jurisdictions and international banks involved in shipping finance, private banking, corporate advisory services, recapitalizations and other forms of financing.  A number of Greek clients have retained our Firm to monitor and expedite the legal aspects of their world-wide operations.

Our Firm is ideally equipped to serve all clients irrespectively of their linguistic orientation, spanning from Arabic to Japanese and delivers timely and cost-effective solutions in contracts and transactions with an emphasis on thorough investigation and meticulous planning.

Our goals are to provide our clients with practical problem solving advice and, when litigation is required, we are skilled and determined and strive to be an effective part of finding a solution to our clients' legal problems.

We strive to devolop a long-term relationship with each client, based on mutual trust and through understanding of the clients' unique operation and objectives.

We are proud that we can offer our clients a large, exceptionally talented group of attorneys/lawyers who provide a wide range of services to compliment our own areas of expertise.

Our Firm has achieved a remarkable level of success for its clients.  The knowledge and experience of its attorneys enable the Firm to provide prompt, accurate and cost-effective advice to its clients worldwide.